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 'aka' - What are we raging about.
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I prefer to live a day as a lion, than 100 as a sheep!
most of the people erase their will and play the brainsless slaves!

Sick robots your head is full of shit,shit moneymaker, all you know is greedyou dont even have the courage, to think about!
You dont got dignity, afraid to loose your respectability, you own a house and kids go to school, but you re a shitty pig and i'm nobody's fool.

what is the problem about telling things?
'dont like the system but your non-transparency kills, why dont you start practice what you preach?leave me alone,don't need all this!
Don't make promises that you cant assure,cause im floating waiting to be pure,A truth to be find an unconscious one,when you find it,you will need a gun....
I'll be my own Queen,My house is where I Sleep, don't care where i have been! don't like false people, Can't stand it anymore! Nailed to the evil, rotten to the core!

MATRAK ATTAKK - in honor of J.J. one of the 1000 victims of psychiatry and fascism.
Refusing people, from a hospital,they call it, mental health.Fear and terror, in my eyes,only hope, left behind!
Naked and imprisoned, cops ready to kill! Suffocating, my breath! no blood left,to be spilled!
Ghosts hunting me,no way out,please help me out,this is all about.
Inject the dead body,(the)psychiatrist did his dute!
Glimpse of life fade away,murder they commit!
One of the 1000 victims of society and fascism,no turning back, human lives turned to an endone of the 1000 victims of psychiatry and fascism..MATRAK ATTAKK! MATRAK ATTAKK!

duisterdom!de schimmen groeien rondom mij ik verdwijn, ze worden mijik word hen.Decomposing she said.Duisterdom!

why do we seek for a meaning in lifeand keep on searching untill we all dielive your life and dag the best out of it,but what u drag us mostly shit. Why?Desperate!
deaths far away dont mean a thing, they are just apes we are the kings,,terror and suffering dont hurt us anymore,food beer and fun make us a whole!
why does it always be like thatthe poor all starve the rich get fatevil politicians rise up from the muckthe pigs corruptedand the 3rd world fucked!

I'm taking a trip to nowhere,starting with this cure, i'm addicted to what they want, and fel into their lure!
Poisoning, soul and brain, kneeling, for the pain.
Craving for some peace, humankind lost its dreams
Shot me in, dont let me go 'cause if you do it, you ll be forever gone!
Realising how bad it was i ll swallow prozac and be forever gone!

nothing is worse, than real evidence,when the oppressor strikes back, there is no delf defence, what should make us unite, tear us apart,no pity for other's pain,only anger to realise!
No empathy, no tolerance...only the great dissolvance.
trying to avoid the raging anger feeling as your heart blasts,dont know (anymore) where is the real danger happines (just) turn into dust.
Useless words and mistakes they will give us the stake!

So long i tried to live my own life,so long i choose to believe like a fool,but once you keep in brain mental disorder diagnoses are vain,dont push this thought away!BOYCOT DON'T OBEY!!
Leave your label behind,in this crazy world,you are one of a kind, believe it or not,this Words make you blind, throw those pills you bought,what the hell have we become?THE D.S.M. is scum!!!

I want to tear the walls,and stomp the fucking floor, and when you start to talk, it makes me want it more n more,i feel like fucking up, i feel like slitting wrists,i know i don't belong thats why i fuck shit up!
Fuck shit up!!!
i cant fucking eat, i cant fucking sleep, i'm going fucking mental cause i really don't believe, in a world a better place, where you and I belong, so instead of helping out i fuck shit up!
Fuck shit up!!!

I kill and spread,I  boil your insides,I kill and spread,I eat your skin.
Men and women, children and babies, I kill blindly without regrets! Gas fill the trenches!

ANNO 2016
People is puking animals are dying, welcome to the show,its the Earth's genocide!
Men quit ruling, no children anymore, extinction of mankind,no life to stand for.
Nuclear waste,genetical change,cancerogene breath,please end this disgrace!
Admire the explosions, body parts flying around,natural cathastrofies,Earth extreme corrosion!
How much time is left to live?
How much blood has to be spilled?
how many injustices their eyes have to see?
How much pain, to they have to feel?
Till we stop forever to breath!

KBEN ZOT -  (=I'm crazy)
they now can tell me who I am, giving me names neurological scam,I feel doped and have no brain, i'm frozen inside psychiatry is to be blamed!
Ik word zot ik word zot, godverdomme ik word zot.
The only thing left is to attack, the exploiting industry pharmaceutical scum, selling drugs,call it mental health,destroying everybody with responsabilities stealth!
Ik ben zot ik ben zot, godverdomme ik ben zot!

In a sea of hatred, you will fucking drown, facing all your ghosts, all hope is lost.
10 Seconds left, all the mistakes that you've done, to silent underwater eternity. You are bound.

Empty fucking heads, facing their depths, controlled by their apps!
No guts, just lazy cunts! Weapon of Mass Distraction!
No guts, brain dead.

Slit your fucking throat, for everyone to see, watching your corpse bleed, let your brothers feed heart intestines and then the juicy legs, watch you rot and stake your bloody head.
Cannibalistic Haterage.

Caught in the streams of the overlord web, wathing them all die by the bombs of a dead. 
The stench of religion in decapitated heads, no turning back, total fucking war.
Fear of the deathbomber.

You wake up with your problems, an hangover to the core, that if you think about it it grows more and more.
Medicate your kids, dress them up, ride them out, go to the store and the damn feeling comes back.
You forget what you need, in your head darkness falls, looking nervously at the shelves you just need some beer.
No more fear!
Lonely moments with yourself, Tv makes you bore, 
take a pill, drink it all, no brain left to be found.
Ourselves doomed mankind.

IT's the whispering of all those who diedwaking up people by surpriseFeeling the chill of dead cold wordsmillions of children raped and abusedCold broken minds, lives been used.Testing on ,killing for fun.Dreams and Hope of fights that are lostin their souls only the frost.If u think they don't suffer, hear their ghouls.Refugees denied sin of mankind,women are raped cause men are allowed,chemical waste, turns us all blind,Screams are echoing what was ever woved,What was ever woved!Cops and soldiers kill and rape!Dissociating from feelings, and what is alive,Exploiting people in all kind of landscapes!Dehumanising, filling with blood, the barrels.


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